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Under the Glow of that Old Sodium Light…Behind the Tombstone 002

She ran as fast as she could, plowing through the woods. And ended up under the glow of that old sodium light by the red shed.
She ran as fast as she could, plowing through the woods.

Looking behind me for Ashley, movement caught the corner of my eye. It was her. She must've ran, scared from the tree shadow we saw. Yelling for her to stop, I followed her towards the woodline. But she jumped through the briars and disappeared into the darkness. When did she get so fast? The prickers tore at my jeans. Drawing blood, they broke off and snagged in my thighs. I didn’t care. I wanted to catch up to her. I had to catch up. She needed me now more than ever.

Stopping at the ridge, I searched the area for her, for the sound of twigs breaking under foot. But pausing there, it was silent. No night cicadas. No frogs. There wasn’t even a leaf rustling. A cold chill fell over me. Goosebumps rose.

A soft cry came to my ears. Must be my Ashley! I saw her now under the glow of that old sodium light. She was down there by the red shed. I bolted for it. I had to stop her before she went in. She’s too young to remember what happened there. Too innocent to know why we left Grandma’s old house.

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