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That One It Can’t Be…Behind The Tombstone 012

...she used to say ‘be careful what you wish for’

do your stretches take your meds that's all they ever said

behind their eyes is the laughter just this one last deal is what I’m after

it wasn't always like this wasting away soaked with piss

where did all the happiness go the gypsy life was so slow

who was that I used to be someone is here I can’t quite see

yet I feel his grip on my arm he bent near and whispered "no need for alarm

you are weak and I am strong next to me is where you belong

sure you’re the one who is crazy they say but all you have to do is take her away

do this for me and you’ll be free”

his fetid breath left me smelling of death

he said you get one wish then vanished with a swish


patient and willing to cull preoccupied with him I sit so dull

time to thin the herd with my gall tincture of ghost plant on my awl

we will see how they like this little potion and fright the girls are sleeping over tonight

who was it that said just a little pin prick time now for bed you may feel a little sick

one will stay one will go they will never ever know

what happened to Ashley's sister down below is where I wished her

for their follies and my jollies piece of her under the Hollies

right there next to the ghost plants she'll be rotting through with ants

it was me they won't see poor old grandma that one it can't be

Where would you like this story to go? Yes, you. That’s right READER, comment a direction or your favorite character you want to see more of.

More of this unfolds …Behind The Tombstone. And please remember...

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“Take the day. Before the day takes you.” — Seymour Toa

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