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Pays Me No Mind…Behind the Tombstone 004

I thought she was there listening but once more, I was wrong.
I thought she was there listening but once more, I was wrong.

Damn I was groggy this morning. I could barely swivel my legs out of bed. I haven’t felt this bad since that Tequila over at Vince’s. No nauseousness though, so that’s a plus. Still, these dreams are making it hard to wake up. “Are you listening to me?” I blurted out as the teapot started whistling.

Looking up, I saw she wasn’t there. She must’ve left the room. “She never pays me no mind anymore” I said shaking my head at my reflection in the fridge. I was answered with the sound of the front door closing.

Considering my dream, I poured the hot water over my coffee grounds and kept talking to myself. At least we’ll have our friends over tonight. They’ll have some insight about what’s going on. They always do. Hell, they listen to those crazies at work up on the hill. I bet they’ll have some good stories if not only for some much needed distraction while the kids can have a slumber party.

I’m in for an interesting evening. Good or bad. It’s time to get some answers. Doesn’t matter what comes of it. A resolution of spirit is needed.

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