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Imagine…Behind The Tombstone 010

I ask you to become aware of the influence that a single thought can have.

Furioso a Presto

“Good morning class. Even though I just had some fun dental work done, catch that happy sarcasm from this woman? Forgive my slurring from the anesthesia. I want to let you in on a little secret. I’ve been dancing around it all quarter.

Here it is — I’m writing a novel. Indulge me for a moment and if you will…Imagine a world that has no sloppy drooping wires, no right angle two dimensional square edges, no signs of any kind ruining the landscape. Here, the people utilize, immediately utilize, the best discoveries, inventions, and ideas right away, as soon as they are created, straight from mind to active use and implementation across the board.

No bullshit greed or business plans or advertising. No more ‘metering out’ technology incrementally. Just ‘bring it into reality’ plans. Full go. This is the basic thought for my book. We are simply arrogant mental caterpillars that don’t even understand we have yet to metamorphosize. Or even how to spin a cocoon in the first place.

Thoughts are honed, peer reviewed, collectively by all, not exclusively by few. This is where the jobs are. In reviewing, progress can be made by all, not hidden nor hindered. ‘Thinking’ of something brings it into the universe, builds it. All can test it, improve upon it, and use it, immediately.

It’ll happen, not too far from where we are now, as thoughts were always the basis for our development, world, and physical lives. I thought I’d come teach this class today, here I am doing that. I thought I’d write a book, it is a work in progress. Your parents thought about biological procreation, there you are sitting here 19 years later. I think I’ll do something, and it is done. The key is continual improvement through recognizing this power. The power of taking an idea and making it real is in our nature by design. Creators we all are. Pluck it out of your mind, conscious or subconscious, and poof there it is in the world. Realize it comes from a thought. All comes from a thought.

This is the premise of my story. Some would argue that this is all a dream, a fantasy lived out on global proportions. And in a sense, they are right. But are we dreaming to live, or living to dream? Is there a feedback loop? Is there a starting place where one can determine ‘this is the real part, that’s the dream’? I think not. It is indeterminate. It is a cyclical balance of internal ‘thought’ and external ‘physical’. Sure they feed off each other, influence each other, cascade down each other. There is no beginning. And likewise, there is no end. It is a causal loop paradox.

I thought I’d come teach class today and here we are. Tonight I might change my mind for tomorrow and think of hiking instead. Who wants to hike in the woods tomorrow and continue our discussion? Who ‘thinks’ it will be a good thing to do. I ask you to become aware of the influence that a single thought can have. After all, someone thought of every single thing you have that is made by our kind. Everything. It all came from a thought. Let that sink in.

This leads to a separation in creation of ‘made by thought’ and ‘made by nature’. Just remember, we all came from stardust that organized and evolved into our kind, into right here and now. And it continues as this ‘now’ is ever changing. The ‘made by’ separation may be true but don’t forget where you come from. We amount to Decisive Stardust. That’s all we are.

Another way to say it is that the separation in creation stems from ‘made by consciousness’ and ‘made by unconsciousness’. You don’t think of your heart beating, but you are alive. You don’t think of photosynthesis, but the algae grows.

Can consciousness be put into Schrodinger's box like his cat? Does it only become real when it is observed? Before that observation, can it be in two or more states? What goes on with consciousness in those unobserved states? Just because we don’t observe it yet, does it exist? After all, to observe is akin to think. If there is no thinking, what can be observed? Can you peek into Schrodinger's box and change the observation?

Dichotomous thought process of yes or no, one and zero, left or right, can be seen as an artifact of this. There are always more than only two options, especially when it takes into account the scale of observation. This binary mental approach is restrictive and outdated. It’s time for us to stop messing around and just focus on being better, thinking better. Otherwise, we’re all just chimpanzees that can wear clothes and create devastation for greed. Please, hold your cheer.

So there you have it. Jot down your thoughts on this and enjoy the rest of the evening considering this food for thought that I cooked up for you. That is, if you care to ‘think’ about it and make it happen. Now get out of here and go have some fun. See you tomorrow.”

Watching the students make their leave, she leaned on the podium and gently rubbed her jaw. She’s gonna need a glass or two to slow down this throbbing. Good thing her husband set it up for their friends to come by tonight. They always bring the good wine.

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