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Heavy Chest Pains…Behind The Tombstone 008

…like a stubborn dog with a bone

Agitato a Crescendo

My security cam finally caught what she had been saying for weeks now…a volatile spirit tormenting us in the mortal realm. But looks can be deceiving. I knew I should have told her no when she found my grandma’s Ouija board in the attic. So curiosity has now opened a door to the nether and it’s propped open with our fears.

The sightings are getting more intrusive and Baphomet is now toying with her. Toying with us. Letting its invisible shape be outlined by the sheets, taunting her as she was putting up clothes to dry outside that windy morning. I scream to her. Shuddering she runs to me, only to be pulled back as soon as she grabs the back door, which slams furiously, blocking my assistance.

In awe, I look down and see a piece of her fingertip pinched off laying on the floor. I try to yank the handle open but my palm sticks to the freezing metal, ripping my flesh. I grab the stool and move to hurl it with all my might at the window so I can jump out and help her. The stool freezes mid air and then launches at an odd angle smashing into the kitchen lights.

Suddenly my chest feels heavy. Tightness pulls at my innards. I manage to catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror as I slump to my knees. I see it in the mirror. We lock eyes. The fiery goat-headed beast has itself wrapped around me, torquing me with writhing twists, pointed tail whipping wildly. A deep note rings in my ears as it constricts me. It gives me the most childish sweet grin from ear to ear, relaxes its grip and vanishes, leaving me coated with icy frost, collapsed on the floor.

She opens the door…

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