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Disjointed and Waiting…Behind the Tombstone 005

Ever since she found this doll in the attic,
Ever since she found this doll in the attic,

Last night wasn’t so good. It started out as any other Ouija reading. Ya know, the kind where someone is obviously pushing the pointer. She messed around a bit but then her snickering ceased when the cold chill flooded the room.

When she spoke, her breath was visibly icy. Her eyes went berserk, like a chameleon but very rapid. One was trained on me and the other swept the room wildly. She convulsed in her chair and flopped to the ground. Obvious parlor tricks. That is, until she lost control of her bladder. As she stopped twitching, her body began to unnaturally snap into a hideous form. Sounded like when you twist apart chicken pieces at the joints. Except her mouth was silent, not even a grunt as that little grin formed in the corner. And those eyes - still one pointing directly at me while the other kept up that chameleon dance.

That’s when the planchette began creeping around the board by itself with the sound of nails on a chalkboard accompanying it. As we stared at the Ouija, we didn’t notice her writhing and slithering away. Realizing what the pointer showed us, we all had enough and jumped up running for the door. But she was there, all disjointed, already waiting for us with the Devil in her eyes. Her daughter came downstairs approaching her from behind with that doll she never puts down. “Mommy…” “Mommy…?” softly came from her lips as she walked up not knowing what happened to her mom. Her mom just kept that hollow smile at us in the room as she blocked our exit. Keeping her back to her daughter those eyes finally stopped moving and rolled right up in her head.

That’s when we saw it, even before the child did. The doll, that fucking doll. It swivels it’s head to face the daughter’s and muttered something. Sounded like James Earl Jones a bit. No one made out the words but that didn’t matter. The daughter screamed dropping the evil thing that was a doll and tried to run past her mom to us.

She crashed into something invisible, pausing mid stride, slightly reverberating like she was enveloped by a mass of clear gelatin. Oh shit. He’s here. I knew this was risky fucking with him. That’s when the mom passively slumped to the floor, soiling herself.

I moved my hand up getting ready to run past the mom and on towards the daughter to help her. But a split second later the door slammed shut behind the mom with a crumpled thunder, splintering the antique wood trim in our faces. All went silent…

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