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Bone Rattler…Behind The Tombstone 009

…the only way to fix the pain, is to go through the pain

Bruscamente a Allegro

Soon as she turned off their road, she got his text.

dad — g’mornin. nice of you to bail on me this morning

mom —i was talking to you but you just stared off. Why’d you ignore me?

dad — what?

mom — I was telling you I had to run to the dentist cuz this tooth is killing me.

dad — oh, sorry. I was a little groggy. Will you be able to teach your class tonight

mom — Yes, I’ll make it to class. I’m going to share my book with them. What’s up with you lately, another bad dream?

dad — yep

mom — you know you can talk to me about those.

dad — there just bad dreams. nothin special

mom — uh huh. the girls up yet?

dad — gonna let em sleep in

mom — just get them up before you go to work.

dad — k

mom — get home on time tonight. You need to finish going thru moms things so we can put it on the market.

dad — i will. The girls can help to

mom — good idea. Ever since her funeral I’ve been clenching my teeth.

dad — that how your tooth is bad? u need to chill

mom — think it’s cracked. It’d be nice if you just got her house empty.

dad — i know. it’s hard for me to not get lost in there

mom — Don’t get all mushy. Just get it DONE!

dad — thanks for your support


Adjusting the hot light right over her face, the assistant asked if she was comfy. Gripping the armrests, she nodded as beads of sweat formed. “Let me lean the chair back. There you go.” Now she was horizonal, maybe even tilted back slightly. With her feet higher, the blood rushing to her head gave her little pin pricks of needle heat now bursting on her forehead.

“Would you like some nitrous? It helps the procedure.” She nodded yes again as her knuckles turned white. A warm breeze washed over her bringing with it the soft scent of an unknown sweet fruit. Her fists now unfurled. Her back loosened.

She looked to the side and saw the doctor approaching. Creaks filled the room as he raised his stool next to her, he angled her chair back even more, lowering her head further down. Through his cotton face mask she could see he was smiling. Crows feet crinkled into formation around his eyes. Probing her mouth, he verified to the nurse that the tooth was infected.

He explained half her face would be numb for the rest of the day as he loaded a syringe. Her forearm got an odd warm vibration pressed up against it. It was the assistant. She explained how this will be pressed up against the outside of her jaw as he injects her with novacaine. “It’ll help with the pain.”

Flicking air bubbles out of the syringe as he held it up on front of her, “you’ll feel a pinch and then a warming sensation” he says in his deep voice. She barely nods yes again after he asks if she’s ready.

There it is — the vibration on the outside, the pinch on the inside, and a flood of heat fills her gums. Furrowing his brow, he turns the syringe, angling oddly, and pushes it deeper into her jaw.

She focuses on the vibrating tool as tears tumble out of her eyes. It was as if she was pleading with the assistant, looking back up at her, eyes wide and red. As she patted her shoulder, the assistant grinned like one of those heartless bastards who put the air gun up to the cow’s skull.

Poking his fingers around the inside of her mouth, she couldn’t help but drool. She was numb now. Her face sagged and yet somehow felt tight.

The doctor loaded gnarly tips into his air-powered drill. Testing the fast revolutions with quick short bursts, he leaned close to her face. She smelled that spicy after shave all old men use. Musky scent filled her nostrils.

He snaps his fingers. On the edge of blacking out she focuses on his eyes, those crows feet deepening with his harsh squint as he says “Ok. This is gonna be a… bone rattler. Hang on.”

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