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A Cold Walk…Behind the Tombstone 006

…sometimes, all we can do is remember

Just one more chance to find her, even if it is the last chance.
Just one more chance to find her, even if it is the last chance.

Affettuoso a Allargando

He approached the playground walking with slumped shoulders in the steady snowfall by himself. He feels a stab of dread as he thinks of the fun he used to have with his daughter here. All those warm summer sunsets laying in the grass picking out the night’s first star light star bright. Making shapes in the receding dim clouds of their favorite things to do together. Hearing the last robin’s call and cardinal’s chirps of that beautiful final day.

Imagining what it would be like to keep this encounter, this stillness in time, frozen, sacred, and protected before it escapes into the flurry of future hurriedness and blurred movement of life as the world abruptly changed.

Not only are his boots wet and cold now in this desolate waste, but also his eyes and heart. For that was a fleeting moment of peacefulness which did in fact escape. The only trace of it remains forever locked amongst the haphazard firings of his twisted metal neocortex fibers, hidden deeply in the few remaining pulsing neurons he can still call his own. Never to be again.

Stumbling, isolated, and abandoned, his loss is eternal. But he cannot stop the shuffling of his bipedal movement toward that remnant memory as the last of his energy drains. Always seeking what was. Always hoping to get that sacred second chance. Wanting again to regain that innocence, that solace, that warmth.

Soft as snow, he fell down for one last time. Darkness came as his eyes widened. And now his daughter approached in the distance. Smiling with arms outstretched, racing to him.

Looking straight up at the sky, he laid there patiently accepting his failures while vowing to try again. Of all the night sky, he could see only one tiny star, one pinprick of light against the total blackness. As she knelt down next to him, that light began to expand. By the time she put her hands on him and cradled his head, that light filled his vision entirely.

Unblinking, he felt the warm of her touch. He smelled that summer grass. He heard those songbirds. He turned his head to look at her and saw her laying next to him, smiling up at the stars and clouds.

The snow was gone. The cold was gone. She asked him what he thinks of during these moments of theirs at sunset. With smiling eyes, he tells her all of the things he always wanted to.

Turning back from looking out the window, Ashley asks her dad if he ever considered what the dogs think about each night when they lay in the grass during sunset. With a smile full of love, he answers “the same thing we do hun.” Then he calls the dogs to come in for the night.

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