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/rəˈzilyənt/ …Behind The Tombstone 015

…an equal and opposite reaction

Gripping the railing with white-knuckles, I shuffled my way to the bottom of the stairs. “I don’t remember the stairs being so long” I muttered to myself. It sounded like my girls were already well on their way through the house and headed out back. The little pitter-patter of their feet echoed in the hallway like dandelion wisps drifting down to a soft landing amidst the grass.

Reaching my writing desk, I plopped down into my chair. Papers crunched against my waist. “Hmph. I guess I did bring some of Grandma’s old poetry down from the attic” I said. Straightening my leg, I eased the wads of folded papers out of my front pocket. Motes of dust arose with each unfolding and danced in the sunbeam. It must be morning already. On cue, I let out an involuntary sneeze and the motes were blasted away.

The first one I opened was titled No. You Can’t Anger Me. That was the one I just read to the girls in the attic. “I wonder if that’s why they ran off? Mom had a way with words. Even if it was a creepy-as-fuck way with words near the end there” I said. Setting that one down, I grabbed the next one. It just said “NO” at the top in her hand writing. I even caught a whiff that rose hand soap she loved as I finished unfolding it.

i will say no and stand firm because it is not good for me it is not good for them it would take away time it would not let me mend it would cause too much damage both inside and out now hear me say this ol’ adage or maybe I should shout either way it will be said as a reminder before I’m dead say it with me and from your soul stand your ground and just say no

I heard footsteps approaching from the kitchen and scrambled to shove Mom’s papers under my research folder. I got it cleaned up just in time as my wife approached. Even before she rounded the corner she started muttering about her teeth and the dentist. At least she wasn’t as loud as usual. I guess she still had some warm and fuzzies from the nitrous.

She eased down onto my lap and with half her face sagging, lolling tongue and all, she started telling me about some Bone Rattler.

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