I was able to step out of its shadow just in time. I couldn’t believe when I saw those arms reaching out towards us. If it wasn’t for my girl seeing the branch shadows grow long, I don’t know what would have happened. I told her it was just the wind bending the tree. But my seven year old knows better. Her hair wasn’t even moving.

It was time to go back to the graveyard and get in the car. "We never should've came back here." I know it was Grandma's funeral and all, but there are just too many weird things that used to happen around here. When I moved my family away, I swore I'd never return. But then there was Grandma's last will and testament.

"Come on Ashley. Let's get out of here." I kept my eyes on that tree as I reached for her hand next to me. "Ashley? What are you doing? Where'd you go?" Looking down to my side, there was no one there... "ASHLEY!".

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